August 2005

Have you ever really loved something. Lost it. Then got it back down the road? I sure have. Playing.

Looks like October 1st will be the day.
Tripps in Canton will be the place.
The original Braille will be the lineup.

The set list has already been drawn up and this looks to be one of the most slamming Braille shows ever. There isn’t any wimpy stuff on the list. :)
Bare-Ass Fest is sure to be on heck of a great time. Hope to see everyone there!

Just as a side note, hit 700 miles on the bike. I wonder if this will help my bass playing any?

My current cycling stats:
YTD Dist: 637.11 mi
MN Dist: 219.92 mi
YTD Time: 46:44:03
MN Time: 14:47:46
YTD # Rides: 42
MN # Rides: 11
YTD Dist: 15.17 mi
MN Dist: 19.99 mi
YTD Speed: 13.63 mi/hr
MN Speed: 14.86 mi/hr
YTD Time: 01:06:46
MN Time: 01:20:43

(YTD = Year To Date …. MN = This Month)

I’m a big fan of comedy. Some of my favorite comedians are the older guys from the 70’s and 80’s like George Carlin and Steve Martin. Those guys rock. However, there is a new guy on the scene that everyone has got to check out. Andi turned me on to him after his first album came out. She really hit the nail on the head with this pick. Dude’s name is Dane Cook. You should hit his web site at

Dane just put out his second album which consists of two cds and a dvd. Killer stuff. It shot straight to number 4 on the Billboard charts, (Yes the main chart. It hit #1 on the comedy chart) the hightest position by a comedy album in 26 years. (Steve Martin spent 2 weeks at number 2) Don’t download this, just go out and buy it! Andi and I met Dane in Chicago and he’s one hell of a dude. He stayed after the show a good 3 hours to meet everyone that wanted to meet him. He probably signed a good 3,000 autographs that night. That’s what I call being good to your fans!

Anyway, check it out. Good stuff!

I figured I would share this image with you. Enjoy!

New Doo

I guess I should make it clear that I love to travel. Something about going to a place I haven’t been packs a bit of a thrill for me. In my 34 years on this earth, I’ve been to Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alaska, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Washington. Oh yeah, and Canada… twice. I guess about the only places in the states I haven’t been are the central western states (probably not missing much there) and the east coast. I will get to the east coast sometime.

So with all that under my belt, you can imagine how thrilled I was to visit Des Moines Iowa this past weekend! Now that could be a sarcastic statement or not depending on which part of the trip we’re talking about. For example, Des Moines is a nice little city. Lots of diners and bike shops! What more can a food loving cyclist want? On the other hand, in order to get to Des Moines you have to drive across Iowa. I think I would rather watch paint dry. I thought Illinois was lame until I drove across Iowa. I’ll give Iowa this, at least there is a bit of roll to the land. Most of Illinois is just friggin flat with the occasional river valley thrown in to spice things up. The sweet rolling terrain of Iowa was calling to me to get up there with a bike. Funny thing is, that’s what I’m going to do next year. Interesting how things unfold when you go to a new place.

In other news, I crossed the 500 mile mark on my bike. Not bad for an old, out-of-shape alcoholic! Working on ditching the smokes this week too. My next post will probably be cranky. 😉

This has been an interesting summer.

I’m not sure what the most shocking part is yet. One thing that’s freaking me out is that I’ve logged over 425 miles on my bicycle in the last month. Then again, shaving my head so I could pump water to my skull on those hot rides has thrown quite a few people for a loop. Although it’s fun striking up conversations with people and waiting for that moment when they figure out who they’re talking to! Then there’s the job. It’s nice to be making some money with my own business. I sure don’t miss the 100 mile a day car trips to Peoria either.

There’s been no shortage of suprises on the home front either. My nine year old has become much more independent this summer. That’s been both fun and challenging. She’s still my little girl though. The other night we cooked on the grill and converted the garage into a bass-o-potomuss practice pad. While that project was going on, we played tons of my old albums. She loves Rush and Extreme just like papa! Ah yes… a chip off the old block!

Andi has made some progress of her own too. She’s now a certified firefighter. Should compliment her paramedic skills nicely. Being the competitive type, she also bought a bike and has started logging miles. I think it’s funny that she blames me for being competitive, yet she has every intention of blowing me away on a bike. I got news for her, she better really hit it hard! 😉

I must admit that the license suspension hasn’t bothered me much. Once I got the bike, it seemed that getting healthy and logging miles was more important than running around in a car. If I need something from the store, I’ll get a twenty mile ride out of the deal. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to getting the my license back. Mainly so I can slap a bike rack on the car and go ride somewhere else.

Nuff for now. Cheers!