The MN data is from October.
The YTD data includes the first three days of November.

YTD Dist: 1,005.40 mi
MN Dist: 81.01 mi
YTD Time: 70:44:15
MN Time: 05:07:04
YTD # Rides: 64
MN # Rides: 5
YTD Dist: 15.71 mi
MN Dist: 16.20 mi
YTD Speed: 14.21 mi/hr
MN Speed: 15.83 mi/hr
YTD Time: 01:06:19
MN Time: 01:01:25

Some other stats:
Riding Since 6/21/2005
1,005.40 miles logged
64 rides logged
Longest Ride: 62.42 mi
Maximum Speed: 36.40 mph
Total Ridetime: 70:44:14

Starting weight: 185 lbs.
Current weight: 166 lbs.
Lowest weight: 159.3 lbs.

Slow month, but I still managed to reach my goal of 1,000 miles.
As soon as I hit the mark, I was able to think much more clearly about my goals for the winter and next season.

Winter will be all about maintaining the base I’ve build, as well as building muscle and working on other parts of the body. I have no desire to be a body builder, but I would really like to tone up all the way around.

My milage goal for next year is 2,500 miles. That works out to around 15 miles a day, five days a week for 7 months (April thru October). I’ll have to be much more consistant next year to reach this goal. Looking forward to it!

In addition, I have a bonus goal to ride three centuries. A century is a group ride of 100+ miles. Usually sponsored by a bicycle club, it’s a one day event that starts in the early morning and usually finishes up around dinner time. You generally pay a small fee to do it which covers food and drink during and after the ride. I will do at least one in this area, probably one up by Chicago, and may go out of state for the third. A change of scenery would be nice. I mean I like corn, beans and cows just as much as the next guy, but I think I could use a change!

The last thing that I would like to try is the ride across Iowa. I’m going to enter the lottery for placement no matter what. If I get in, so be it. That trip is about 50 miles a day over the course of a week. It’s a real multi-day event! You camp at night with 10,000 of your closest two wheeling friends. Sounds like a blasty blast to me!

More later!