I’ve been hooking up with lots of old friends on Myspace lately. The only problem is… Myspace totally sucks! It’s a fact. I have an idea… let’s start up a website community with a viral method of growth and put it on REALLY SLOW SERVERS. I mean come on already. I can log in, go to the kitchen and make a sandwich, watch an episode of CSI and the damn thing still isn’t logged in! Here’s the best part: MYSPACE IS OWNED BY Fox Interactive Media! Like they don’t have the money to do better than this!

Well, I guess it’s cool that I can at least get on there and connect with people. But I guarantee you I will not use it as a main center of communication. It’s just too damn buggy for an IT fella like me. I have one word for you… Email. If it fails, I know it. If it was received, I know it. And the best part is, it’s 100 times faster than the myspace’s message system will EVER be.

Other than that, life’s been good to me. I’ve become a member of my local volunteer fire department and have even been voted into an officer position as secretary. It’s cool though, I’m good like that. I’ve just about made it through my backlog of work and am looking forward to lots of new business in 2006. This should be a good year.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season too. I’ve been a little behind on updates here but as the backlog goes away, it gets easier to think about other things than work.

Till next time….