The FCC has seen fit to grant my amature radio license! After passing my test on June 3rd, it was just a week wait until my call sign showed up on the FCC database. June 12th was the grant date and the call sign is KC9JQE.

I’ve started working on the general class material and Morse code. Once that’s done there’s only one more level to go to and I don’t really think I need to be there. But then again, who knows. I sometimes get a little ramped up with things like this and tend to take them all the way.

So, now that I have the legal right to get on the band I’ve been searching for my first radio. I think I’ll probably go with something hand held for starters since the reason for doing this was to get involved with SKYWARN and other public service functions. Oh yeah, and I just have to get a big antenna for the car!