Yeah… time just seems to roll on by these days! Since it’s been about a year since my last update, here it goes:

  • Passed all firefighter II tests and practicals and have been certified by the state of Illinois as such. Also passed HAZMAT awareness (9hours) and Technical Rescue Awareness (9hours). Since then, have completed several other trainings such as grain bin rescue, fire college, tactical smoke reading. Will be taking HAZMAT Operations in January. Yay! Once step away from being a glow-stick!
  • Purchased a new ham radio for the truck and have been playing some pretty cool ham games. I’ve got it dialed in now so I can tap into every spotter net in the area when bad weather comes. In addition, several of my fellow firefighters have stepped up and taken the spotter class. Dana never had this kind of storm spotter prowess before.
  • Haven’t been on the bike all summer. Too busy I guess.
  • Got divorced.
  • Still playing with the shake.
  • Working on getting a class B drivers license so I can legally drive fire apparatus.
  • Lost some old friends to the reaper.
  • Gained some new friends.
  • Still hate myspace.

Well, there you go! The year in review!