November 2008

The number one tourist attraction in China is the great wall. I haven’t been there yet. I’ve seen several documentaries on the subject though, and I really enjoyed them because the physical investment is substantially less than actually going. I’ve done plenty of walking mind you. Perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to visit the wall before I go, but if not that’s fine too. I’m very content to have spent my time here as I have.

I’m at a very interesting time in my journey. Today is the day that “the customer” will decide if we are going to do business or not. I’ll find out if I have the opportunity to visit the other parts of China that I want to see, or not. It’s a very surreal time I assure you.

The past three months have come and gone so quickly. Perhaps too quickly! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m ready for a trip back to the states. I could really go for some real beef, milk, and mac & cheese right now. But at the same time I’ve found myself to be totally captivated by this place and the people here. And my new friends here would be missed should my adventure be finished. I feel like my daughter feels when she’s playing with her friends and it’s time to go home. No wonder she hates that time! Guess I’ve forgotten how bad it sucks!

I guess the point of this introspective is that I’m really glad I came. My life has changed forever once again. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed throughout the day until I get the decision. I’m sure you can read about the outcome here soon.

My country really is full of dumb asses! I weep for the future. (Note the date of this post… Obama just got elected…)

I just heard that some poor, pathetic, lifeless soles out there actually believe that I am in fact NOT in China and make it a point to spread this information like manure on a field. I’m relieved that they’ve figured me out. I’m even more happy to know that they have nothing better to do than think of little old me. I must apologize though, I have to get back to work. My new full time job is photoshopping my face into other people’s pictures of China. I sure enjoy my new job!