May 2010

Almost one year ago I dropped the packet in the mail to begin the K1 visa process for Pinky. Yesterday I married her. We’ve known each other for one year and nine months, and have spent the better part of that time together. Now we will begin the process of AOS (Adjustment of Status). This will make Pink a legal permanent residence of the United States.

I’ll have to post more later as it’s late, we’re tired, and we have to get up early tomorrow. I’ll work on pictures this week and try to get some posted.


1:16 PM… about 4 hours to go.
The family and I have been working our butts off to get everything ready for the event. I thought I would take a few minutes to sit down and collect my thoughts. As I do, I can’t help but think about everything that’s happened in the past two years. I’m thinking about the first time I met Pinky and the days that followed. It’s interesting to think back to the first walk we took together beside Jin Ji lake in Suzhou, and to contemplate all that’s happened since then. Getting to know each other, learning the differences in our cultures, spending time together… then apart… then together… then apart… then together again finally, here in the states. So many hurdles to jump. So much business conducted around the world. So many scary times and happy times. I’m amazed and blessed that this day is finally here!

In just over 4 hours, Pinky Geroche will become Pinky Ramsey. A new family will be “officially” formed. My daughter and the rest of my family have all accepted her lovingly into the family. I don’t think I could be happier.

Well I must get back to work now. Pictures and video to come!