I’m throwing this on the web so anyone else searching for a solution to this problem might find it. I’m running Citrix Xenserver 6.1 which is hosting several Ubuntu Linux VMs. As the data grew, I needed more space. My assumption was that growing virtual disks is relatively simple process, which it is. The real trick is in resizing the partitions within linux. No worries though, as the gparted live cd is a fantastic tool for the job. Imagine my surprise when I was unable to boot the live cd in Xenserver! As it turns out, older versions of gparted will in fact boot and I was able to resize the partitions and successfully boot the system. Perhaps there is some trick that I don’t know to the new versions.

Most recent working version: (supports ext4)

NOTE: Sometimes you will get a mountall error after doing all this moving around. Check this article for remedy.