This place is amazing. Jet lag is pretty much gone, although I do have some odd days when for no apparent reason I’m wide awake at 5am. I’ve seen so much and have gotten so far behind on my updates here. I guess there’s just been too much to do! So that being said, here is a quick summary for the main categories of my life in China.


The people at the company we are here to work with are amazing. Everyone here treats us very well. Our meetings are very productive and I think they are learning as much from us as we are from them. We attended the celebration for the raising of the first pillar for the new plant. They had lots of fireworks of course. You can find pictures from that event in the gallery. We’ve gone to eat with several of the guys from here as well. Dinner is always a good time!


I’ve gotten pretty good at getting around. I walk more than I ever have. Not because I have to but because sometimes it’s just easier. I’ve gotten really good at running the taxi as well. Did my first EMT service the other day when a girl on a scooter got hit by a car. I rolled up and there was an english speaker who also spoke good Chinese. I asked if she was an EMT and she said no. I did a quick assessment and determined that without a doubt that she had a broken leg. Said she didn’t hit her head. Leg was not compound, but deformed. They informed me that it couldn’t be broken because she stood up once. I told them not to let her do that again. Emergency medical care here would make any U.S. EMT cringe. Have a friend named Thomas who has been very kind about teaching me some survival skills. Got propositioned by several hookers. Tried a million different kinds of food. Had Burger King in Shanghai! I’m going to buy a new camera soon so my photography should take a major step forward.

Not a whole lot to cover really. Matt and I are planning a couple of trips in the future. My main goal right now is to do my job, learn Chinese, take lots of pictures and enjoy my time here. I believe none of that will be a problem!

Keep an eye on the gallery. I just put some more up today and will be adding regularly!

Peace out!