After two weeks of frustration, I’ve purchased a new camera. It seemed a waste to miss out on all the amazing sights and the little dude just wasn’t cutting the mustard. Picked up a nice Nikon D80 and an 8G card. Battery lasts forever and it holds about 450 shots at 10Meg each. Rock and freakin roll! The first set of results are HERE. Attempted several time laps shots among other things. You can also see our Chinese cadets trying Mexican food for the first time, as well as our latest meal. (And some people actually thought we were going to starve! I’m telling you… goose liver sauce is the bomb!!!)

We’re planning a trip to Nanjing this weekend, so I probably acquired the new photo rig just in time. No dead battery an hour into the trip this time!

Everything is going very well. It’s still hot as hell, but I’m slowly getting used to it. I don’t start sweating the second I turn off the shower anymore. Will update again after Nanjing unless something interesting happens!