I’m a big fan of comedy. Some of my favorite comedians are the older guys from the 70’s and 80’s like George Carlin and Steve Martin. Those guys rock. However, there is a new guy on the scene that everyone has got to check out. Andi turned me on to him after his first album came out. She really hit the nail on the head with this pick. Dude’s name is Dane Cook. You should hit his web site at www.danecook.com.

Dane just put out his second album which consists of two cds and a dvd. Killer stuff. It shot straight to number 4 on the Billboard charts, (Yes the main chart. It hit #1 on the comedy chart) the hightest position by a comedy album in 26 years. (Steve Martin spent 2 weeks at number 2) Don’t download this, just go out and buy it! Andi and I met Dane in Chicago and he’s one hell of a dude. He stayed after the show a good 3 hours to meet everyone that wanted to meet him. He probably signed a good 3,000 autographs that night. That’s what I call being good to your fans!

Anyway, check it out. Good stuff!