So I get a call from Tazwell county today. It seems that my supervision is due to be up in October and they never got a copy of my release record from rehabilitation. So I make a few calls and get that on the way to being ironed out. No problem.

Then, just for fun, I thought I should check the exact date of my license suspension. Wanted to send in the reinstatement fee anyway. I couldn’t believe it. It’s September 23rd! That’s like 22 days! YEEEEEHAAAWWWWWWW! It took me all of five minutes to get that check in the mail. Yes folks, I’m just about mobil again!

Here’s my August cycling stats:
YTD Dist: 711.76 mi
MN Dist: 294.57 mi
YTD Time: 51:31:46
MN Time: 19:35:29
YTD # Rides: 46
MN # Rides: 15
YTD Dist: 15.47 mi
MN Dist: 19.64 mi
YTD Speed: 13.81 mi/hr
MN Speed: 15.04 mi/hr
YTD Time: 01:07:13
MN Time: 01:18:22

Just think, I wouldn’t have any of these miles had I not lost the license. Oh well, screw Illinois anyway!